Easter Island.
At the moment this popular place is experiencing hard days due to the huge influx of tourists leaving garbage and, thus, damaging the statues and ecosystem of the island

The capital of Greenland. The authorities of the island are planning to start mining precious stones in Nuuk in the near future. So, new mines will be built. This will inevitably lead to a change in the environmental situation. And although the use of Modern electrical equipment will largely postpone the problem, still the melting of the coastal ice of Greenland cannot be stopped, and it can be completely melt in the next 100 years

The island of Culebra.
The US Navy usually practiced the exercises on this island and in the coastal waters, which strongly influenced its flora and fauna. And although the exercises stopped in the 70's, but tourism caused even more damage to the unstable ecology and ecosystem, which is now on the verge of extinction

Kilimanjaro Mount.
Kilimanjaro Mount is the highest mountain in Africa covered with a snow cap. However, over 100 years the snow began to melt rapidly, that even precipitation cannot slow down this process. Scientists believe that the snow will disappear by 2033 and the mountain will completely lose its present appearance

The forests on the island may disappear by 2025, unless measures are taken to save them

Chinese Wall.
Many visitors take a stone or two as souvenirs. There are also acts of vandalism, erosion and theft of stones by farmers for their own needs. 22% of the wall has already disappeared

There are more than 2000 Buddhist temples and pagodas, built in the 11th and 12th centuries in Bagan. They were actively restored from 1995 to 2008, but then thousands of tourists came in. Many people climb the pagoda to admire the magnificent view, which leads to the destruction of these ancient structures

Nicaragua Lake.
Nicaragua is the only haven for freshwater sharks. It was agreed to construct the Nicaraguan Canal in 2014 that would connect the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Hundreds of villages would be resettled. This project will certainly deprive Nicaragua of more than 0.5 million hectares of tropical forests and marshes

The Seychelles.
The islands are gradually drowning. Sea level rises, climate changes and erosion all this leads to flooding. Scientists believe that the Seychelles will certainly dive under water in the nearest future

The Great Barrier Reef